The Road to 2.18

Gervase Markham gerv at
Tue Mar 9 08:38:07 UTC 2004

Christopher Hicks wrote:
> Still!?!?!?  One would think after as many times as we've been around this
> topic that some concensus might have developed.  The inability of the core
> bugzilla developers to grapple with the desirability of custom fields at
> this point is truly surprising.

Have you read Joel's article?
That's a big part of the reason why some people are reticent.

> It's eerily similar to my utter
> discouragement at trying to get an obvious one-line patch added.  

Bug number?

> The way
> new contributors are repressed is unlike anything I've experienced or
> witnessed on any other open source project.

Ever worked on Mozilla? ;-)

> Its difficult to imagine very
> many folks having the ego and persistance to jump through the ridiculous
> hoops and actually make a contribution.  Bugzilla rocks and I appreciate
> everything folks have done through the years, but maybe people wouldn't be
> so pressed for time if newcomers didn't need to beat their head against
> the wall for so long before being accepted.

I don't think it's an acceptance thing - no-one's being excluded because 
they are new. It's a time thing and a priorities thing - we have very 
little time, and a set of priorities which may not be the same as yours.

As my Bugzilla Etiquette document says, "Open Source does not mean 'the 
developers must do my bidding'".


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