The Road to 2.18

Gervase Markham gerv at
Tue Mar 9 00:07:40 UTC 2004

Stuart Donaldson wrote:
> So if you are still in doubt about the need for custom fields after all 
> this time, are we really just wasting our time on this? 

I'm in two minds about it. If other core developers want them, I won't 
stand in the way. But I will stand in the way of a badly-architected 
implementation, as I'll be one of the people having to maintain it from 
here on.

> Should we be 
> looking elsewhere for this functionality? Has anyone created a fork with 
> custom fields support?

That's what the custom fields patch is, basically.

> Don't get me wrong, I certainly appreciate all of the very thoughtful 
> and intelligent efforts that go into maintaining and extending Bugzilla. 
> But I am a little dismayed at the impression that the "core team" has 
> not reached a consensus at this point that something is necessary.

Why is that dismaying? It's a controversial subject.


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