The Road to 2.18

Mark Davis mdavis at
Mon Mar 8 17:29:47 UTC 2004

David Miller wrote:

>>What are the odds of 91037 making it in to 2.18?
>Zero.  Anything that changes the schema is going to need a pretty thorough
>review to get in this close to release.  And a change this major is
>probably going to need a few months to mature on the development branch
>prior to being included in a release.  This would, however, make it very
>plausible to make it into 2.20 on the new 6 month release cycles.
This is a mjor drag. The request has been open almost 3 years and the 
schema requirements havn't been reviewed?

My feeling is that of all the feature requests, custom fields is 
probably the biggest blocker to adoption. Having the source makes it 
possible to create your own first-order fields, but the process is 
painful and obvioulsy cements an installation to one release.

Every Bugzilla installation that I've maintained has had this need.

Looking at the DB, this feature is ranked #4 by voters.

The bugs that are getting fixed for 2.18:
68022 - 2 votes
12282 - 6 votes
16009 - 1 vote
86168 - 6 votes
All of win32Compatibility: 20 votes (41 if you count the initial report 
as a vote)

I'll stop ranting now, but it looks like 91037 should be reprioritized.

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