The Road to 2.18

Daniel Berlin dberlin at
Mon Mar 8 00:13:45 UTC 2004

> It would be a big win from the users perspective to get even a partial 
> solution towards custom fields get into the system for the next 
> release. This would lock-down a supported schema with a migration path 
> in case the approach were to change. All these caveats about applying 
> the custom fields patches because there is "no guarantee that this 
> will be the way we do it" are holding some people back from trying it 
> out.
> -Stuart-

I completely agree with Stuart here.

Of course, the majority of my merging conflicts for upgrading our 
bugzilla, and maintaining it, is custom field maintenance (without a 
custom fields patch).

I also have to use all-custom templates (which is another burden 
because i have to manually move the changes from the default templates 
with each release) for things that use op_sys and rep_platform (which 
is quite a few right now), because gcc/glibc/binutils/rhdb bugzilla 
don't use them (we use host/build/target triplets. op_sys and 
rep_platform are useless to us).

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