Having trouble writing data to certain fields

MKey at atmi.com MKey at atmi.com
Thu Mar 4 13:28:07 UTC 2004

Hi all,

I have hacked my local Bugzilla to add in Customer and CustomerContact
fields. This way we can keep track of who reported what issue, and how many
come from each company.
The backend database code is fine - I can create Customers and Contacts via
a new CGI script.
The front end is 90% there. I select the Customer in the same way as the
Product, then the Contact in the same way as the component.
Problem is when I try and add this data into the database. It seems that my
new variables are not being passed into the post_bug.cgi script - if I use
the perl toolkit debug command, and manually specify the Customer and
Contact values, then the SQL statement that is created is correct.

So my question is, what is the process of transferring variable data
between the enter_bug.cgi, post_bug.cgi and the associated Template files ?
I have tried to simply copy and paste the existing product and component
code renaming the fields to customer and contact.....but it doesnt seem to

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