GetVersionTable bug #110503

John P. Fisher john.fisher at
Tue Mar 2 23:08:55 UTC 2004

I am going to have to hack into this sub and its mate GenerateVersionTable.
I see from the bug report that there is *some* desire to do something with it.
Can you give me some direction on where it might go so I can stay as 
compatible as possible?
Of course if anything I do seems worthy, I'll make it public.

I need to add  version-found-in vs. version fixed-in fields.
I am making OS (opsys)  & Platform (rep_platform) Product dependent.

A) I can just write my own subs. If I do I'll ignore the cacheing 
mechanism. As a sop to security I could query-by-group, but security of 
this kind is a small issue with us.
B) or I could hack into the existing subs and add three more hashes of data
C) or there could be some hash that defines the data structure of 
Product-Components etc which is followed by GetVersionTable

no doubt there's more clever solutions too. all suggestions welcome.



John P. Fisher
at ZNYX Networks
805  683 1488  x 3245
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