Steven Suson suson at
Thu Jan 29 19:13:10 UTC 2004

What we WILL be putting into CVS are instructions on how to build any 
binaries needed for the product, and where on our intranet to find the 
needed software. While this policy is only just now becoming company 
wide, my software department has been following this (albeit sometimes 
in code management software other than CVS) since 1990; noone has ever 

Steven Suson

Gervase Markham wrote:

> Steven Suson wrote:
>> Interestingly enough, my company just began formalizing a Code 
>> Management Policy. One of the things that we have already established 
>> is that NO derived files (i.e. files that are somehow generated from 
>> one or more other files) will be in CVS.
> I suspect you'll regret that inflexibility. :-) Some examples:
> - A small Visual Basic app is checked into our source repository at 
> work in executable form, so everyone doesn't need Visual Basic.
> - Same for the compiled installer for a PowerPoint add-in, so everyone 
> doesn't need the installer-building software.
> Gerv
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