Jouni Heikniemi jth at
Thu Jan 29 06:24:03 UTC 2004

At 23:27 28.1.2004 +0000, you wrote:
>I doubt many users have firewall troubles over port 80. There would be no 
>dependency; we wouldn't offer to download it unless we could find either 
>LWP::Simple or wget.

The firewall thing: Our production servers have ALL outbound traffic - 
apart from special holes such as SMTP for bugmail - denied to prevent a 
possible internal network contamination to spread outside ("At least our 
servers cannot be used for DDOS attacks!").

The dependency thing: You also do require an uncompression tool, which may 
not be readily available (or locatable) at least on Windows systems. Well, 
then again, why punch the Linux people for that... I'm still not sure that 
automation is really worth it, but if it works, it probably doesn't hurt. 
As long as there is a fallback to a system like I described in my previous 
post (or something similar).

>Ideally, the documentation would be Just There when you pulled the CVS 
>tree. If we don't have that (for our own convenience), I think we should 
>put in a little effort to get as close to that as possible (for the user's 

True, but for the most people having a separate url for Bugzilla 
documentation (and browsing it live on the web site) is just as fine. It 
does create some issues with the website docs possibly updating (and 
getting out of synch with the user's version of code), but it's also a one 
way to avoid users browsing a stale documentation.


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