David Miller justdave at
Wed Jan 28 16:58:25 UTC 2004

On 1/28/2004 8:48 AM -0800, Jon Wilmoth wrote:

> As I submitted the first patch for the "customizable terminology"
> contribution, I'm willing to help with the documentation effort.  How
> should I submit this info?

As patches to the existing XML files preferably. :)  There's lots of open
documentation bugs on things that need to be fixed up.

We're still supporting 2.16, too, so the docs on the 2.16 branch need any
changes you submit also (if they're applicable to 2.16).

> I think the move to the xml definition is great and will lower the
> barrier to entry for following up code contributions with documentation
> so others are aware of the functionality and benefit fully from it.  I'd
> also be willing to help develop the xsl stylesheets for at least the
> HTML and Text versions.  I'm not sure PDF can be generated with simple
> XSL.

We've done that already, a couple years ago.  Look at the "" and
"" scripts in your docs directory. :)  (not to mention the xml
directory itself ;)

What's in question is that we currently run the script then cvs
commit the compiled results (the html, text, and pdf).  We're discussing
the possibility of removing the (compiled) html, text, and pdf from cvs,
and letting the website generate them on checkout when there are changes to
the xml.
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