David Miller justdave at
Wed Jan 28 02:22:40 UTC 2004

Reminder:  the default assignee for Bugzilla documentation bugs is
documentation at, which is a dummy account on  If you would like to help with docs, please go to
your preferences and add that account to your watch list.  I'm pretty sure
I heard from no less than 3 people who volunteered to help (outside of
myself), and there's a total of 3 people watching that account, which
includes myself and the ircbot. :)

In other news...
   I'd like to propose completely removing the HTML, Text, and PDF versions
of the docs from CVS.  Under my plan, the website will automatically build
those directories upon pulling changes to the xml directory, and the
tarball build script will be changed to build the docs after checking out
of cvs prior to rolling the tarball.

Reasons for doing this:
1) those directories are already off-limits for direct modifications in cvs
anyway, they're required to be generated from the XML before checkin
2) every time they're regenerated, it "modifies" every single file, which
results in a HUGE chunk of space in the cvs commit log on bonsai.

1) If someone checks in an XML change that doesn't validate, it'll likely
take out the HTML version of the docs on the website if they don't fix it
within 15 minutes.
2) People checking out of cvs who don't have docbook set up won't have the
html and text versions of the docs to read.

1) XML changes would be immediately reflected on the website instead of
having to wait for someone to regenerate the HTML and check it in.

Any comments?  Any other pros/cons to this?  Does this sound like a good idea?
Dave Miller      Project Leader, Bugzilla Bug Tracking System   

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