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David Miller justdave at bugzilla.org
Tue Jan 27 21:26:23 UTC 2004

Heh, someone else just sent me one of these the other day, too.  The only
thing I see missing off this off-hand (which was from the other one, too)
is that if a bug goes directly to RESOLVED from UNCONFIRMED, it'll go back
to UNCONFIRMED instead of REOPENED if someone reopens it.

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Hi Dave,

In the process of documenting our local Bugzilla setup, I came up with a Bug
resolution workflow diagram based on

Since this is very generic, I thought maybe you'll be interested in
including it as part of the standard documentation.
I am attaching a JPEG version of the diagram. Let me know if you would
prefer any other file format or changes in the
diagram itself.

And Kudos !! for all the great work on Bugzilla Documentation


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