Fwd: Re: Bugzilla Flow of State Transition

timeless timeless at myrealbox.com
Tue Jan 27 06:44:33 UTC 2004

David Miller forwarded a from Kash A. Aziz:
> I am attaching the file. Do let me know if you have
> any questions.
> PS. I did this in visio and then converted in gif
> format. Let me know if you'd rather have this in other
> format. Thanks. Kash

1. It's possible for me to reassign a bug assigned to me to myself. 
Doing so will transition the bug from ASSIGNED to NEW. I don't consider 
me/myself/i as '(an)other' resources :).

2. It's possible (even likely?) for a bug to transition from reopened to 

I think that there's actually a transition from RESOLVED to UNCONFIRMED, 
but i'd have to check.

3. (not current), it's possible in the future we might be able to 
transition from NEW to UNCO as we move bugs across products w/+w/o an 
unconfirmed state.

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