2.16.5/2.17.7 release prep

Steven Suson suson at TuckerEnergy.com
Mon Jan 26 18:51:39 UTC 2004

That is truly unfortunate, as there is a definite ISO related 
requirement that this feature would allow my company to fulfill, without 
ANY code changes to Bugzilla. From a users point of view, this is a 
natural extension to the Templating subsystem. I truly believe that this 
is a very powerful AND needed feature for Bugzilla. And this comes from 
someone who has been using Bugzilla since 2.8...

In the meantime, would one of the maintainers of the (one or more) 
patches shoot me an email to let me know it the patch will be supported 
for the next stable version of Bugzilla?


Gervase Markham wrote:

> Steven Suson wrote:
>>    What is the status of Custom Fields (`a la the previously 
>> available Custom Fields patch)? Will this be making it into a Stable 
>> or Development version soon? For the record, it certainly gets my 
>> vote! ;-)
> It still has the same status - as an unofficial patch. Concerns have 
> been raised about its architecture; it's quite possible than any 
> custom fields function Bugzilla acquires in the future will work quite 
> differently.
> No-one is working on custom fields as far as I know.
> Gerv
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