The Future Of Resolutions

John P. Fisher john.fisher at
Mon Jan 26 17:55:35 UTC 2004

I agree with Jouni. Trying to control workflow with Bugzilla is like 
building a Space Shuttle - once all the features are installed, its too 
heavy to fly. Please don't make it more complicated for me to throw away 
most of these categories:

FWIW dept:
long ago ( 2.13 ) we customized resolutions to:
bugs may also be marked DUPLICATE
The descriptive fields are sufficient for the rest of the information.
( we use both found-in and fixed-in versions, and have about 20 developers)

>Without an intention to overly criticize, I'd be interested in hearing 
>some thoughts behind these changes. Why are we doing all this? New 
>resolutions add complexity, and we've got plenty of that already. The new 
>choices should IMO lead to a simpler (but more extendable, through custom 
>resolutions) system. Any default selections shouldn't be aimed at a 
>particular type of installation, at least not anything of bmo's caliber.
>Still, I feel any changes to a fundamental (and highly visible) part of 
>Bugzilla concept should start from a loudly stated and openly discussed 
>need: What is wrong with WONTFIX? Why do we need to separate WORKSNOW and 
>FIXED? Is changing the resolution set _really_ the best alternative here?

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