The Future Of Resolutions

Gervase Markham gerv at
Sat Jan 24 09:20:29 UTC 2004

MattyT wrote:
> I'm still looking at getting customised resolutions in early in the 2.19
> cycle, so I thought I'd solicit feedback on the new resolution set.

Again, I'm sure you've solicited it before :-)

> Without further ado, the following is my current plan:
> FIXED A fix for this bug is checked into the tree and tested.
> WORKSNOW The problem was reproduced, but seems to have disappeared by
> changes not made on this bug.

Is the semantic difference between this and WORKSFORME great enough to 
justify having two resolutions? I think it's important that we keep the 
default set as small as practicable; the more there are, the more people 
will be scared of choosing the wrong one.

> INVALID This is not a proper report.
> FEATURENOTBUG This is not a bug, it's a feature.

I'd just call this "FEATURE". After all, "it's not a bug, it's a 
feature" is a well-known phrase. So let's call it that.

> NOTWORTHIT It should be fixed in a perfect world, but this isn't a
> perfect world, so it won't be. (probably should be deleted by OSS)

In what way is this different to the WONTFIX that you hate so much? ;-)

In my view the default Bugzilla settings should encourage good 
development practice; and I think that good development practice doesn't 
resolve bugs like this. We learnt that with REMIND, LATER etc. I say we 
ditch this one.

> DUPLICATE The problem is a duplicate of an existing bug.
> WORKSFORME All attempts at reproducing this bug were futile, reading the
> code produces no clues as to why this behavior would occur.
> MOVED The bug has been moved to another Bugzilla installation.
> MISSING When a bug report can't be dealt with because an external
> resource (eg a page at a URL) is missing. (NOINFO maybe, after sitting
> in NEEDINFO status)

I'd prefer NOINFO - "this bug cannot be dealt with due to missing and 
unobtainable information." MISSING on its own isn't very descriptive. 
"What's missing?" MISSINGINFO might be OK.

> CAREFACTORZERO When the person responsible really just does not care.

Then someone else should be made responsible. Again, this is not a 
_resolution_. I also think that, unlike some of the other choices, many 
non-Americans will have trouble understanding this one.

> MUPPET The reporter is a muppet.

Ha ha :-)

So I'd go for (in the default set; remember, people can always add more, 
and we could maintain a page of suggestions):


WORKSFORME - the problem is no longer reproducible.
FEATURE - the "problem" is meant to be that way.
INVALID - the "problem" was never a problem in the first place.
NOINFO - diagnosing the problem requires missing and unobtainable info.



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