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Sat Jan 24 05:56:46 UTC 2004

On Fri, 2004-01-23 at 23:19, Tobias Burnus wrote:

> What I would like to see is the reduction of hardwired strings which are
> inserted as comment like 'This bug has been marked as duplicate of ...'
> etc. I would prefer to have those in a different form in the database
> than as comment. This allows for (a) localization of the output string
> and (b) such texts could be put into e.g. in a box and thus made be more
> visible.

Definitely, this is already stored in the bugs activity table so it's
probably just a matter of extracting from there and deleting these

> > Less hardcoding - customised statuses/resolutions, easier to add
> > customised fields.
> The problem with those strings is how this can be localized best.

This is definitely an issue, but not unique to statuses and
resolutions.  This I believe is a "configuration", and not a
"customisation" issue, and not really appropriate for doing in
templates.  The difference here is configuration is normal,
customisation isn't.

Sure, it's fine to hack this in templates, but it shouldn't be the
solution long term.  Administrators need to be able to edit the field
values of products, severities and resolutions through the
administration interface, and then having to go into the templates isn't
an appropriate solution for such a common action.

As best as I can tell, the only real solution is to put this information
into the database and let the administration system edit it.  A separate
table for names against language is one solution.  Alternatively, we
might try packing the name field.

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