bugzilla.mozilla.org upgrade this Sunday, January 25 at noon PST (UTC-08:00)

Myk Melez myk at mozilla.org
Fri Jan 23 14:10:27 UTC 2004

This Sunday, January 25 at noon PST (UTC-08:00) we will be upgrading 
bugzilla.mozilla.org (b.m.o) to a newer version of Bugzilla.  b.m.o will 
be unavailable for up to several hours while we perform the upgrade.

The newer version comes with a number of enhancements, including 
relevance-ranked summary and comment searches; flexible charts based on 
configurable data sets; and contextual patch viewing and comparison.  
For more information about enhancements and bug fixes, see the following 
Bugzilla status updates:


As with all upgrades, this one also brings with it the possibility of 
regressions, data loss, and other problems.  If after the upgrade you 
notice a severe problem with b.m.o that requires immediate attention 
(data loss, security vulnerability, etc.), please contact us immediately 
by email to sysadmins at mozilla.org.  For all other regressions, file a 
bug and make it block the regressions meta-bug:


For additional information about the upgrade, see the upgrade bug:


To test the newer version of Bugzilla with a copy of the b.m.o data, 
visit the following test installation:


Note that the data in this installation is not the same as the data 
currently on b.m.o.  It is a copy of the b.m.o data that was made on 
Friday, January 23 at around 2:00AM PST.  We may synchronize this copy 
with the original periodically before the upgrade, but it is not a 100% 
accurate representation of the data on b.m.o and should not be relied upon.

Note also that changes to this database will not change the original 
data on b.m.o and will not send bug mail, so feel free to test the newer 
version by making changes to bugs in it.  Report any regressions using 
the instructions above.

To watch the progress of the upgrade on Sunday, join the #bmo channel on 
the irc.mozilla.org IRC server.


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