$ipaddr vs $netaddr

Jon Wilmoth JWilmoth at starbucks.com
Tue Jan 20 22:37:25 UTC 2004

If the loginnetmask is 24, will get_netaddr will return nnn.nnn.nnn or
nnn.nnn.nnn.000?  Perhaps I should rephrase the question as "is the
number of bits chopped or substituted?"  If substituted, what's the
substitution value?

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On 1/20/2004 1:17 PM -0800, Jon Wilmoth wrote:

> What's the difference between these two variables?
> They are populated in the CGI.pl from 2.17.3 in the following manner.
> my $ipaddr = $ENV{'REMOTE_ADDR'};
> my $netaddr = get_netaddr($ipaddr);

get_netaddr uses the loginnetmask param to mask the address for the
subnet the user can access from and still keep their cookies.  So if
loginnetmask is set to 24, get_netaddr will return the user's IP address
with the last 8 bits removed.  If loginnetmask is 32, it'll return the
address unchanged.
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