Too Many Bugs

Jeroen Ruigrok/asmodai asmodai at
Sun Jan 18 16:21:10 UTC 2004

-On [20040118 17:12], Gervase Markham (gerv at wrote:
>Just because a bug is filed doesn't necessarily mean that a patch will 
>result - for example, it could be an RFE for what, after discussion, 
>turns out to be a bad idea. But I agree that two-year discussions aren't 
>very productive.

OK, what I might have generalised was meant (implicitly) to mean:
resolve the reports in question.

>What we actually need is strong ownership of components - so the module 
>owner will decide "no, we're definitely not going to do this", and close 
>the bug as WONTFIX, or decide "yes, we would like to do this", and say 
>so on the bug - at which point anyone who wishes can start coding.

Yes, this was also what I meant.  Apologies for not being so clear first
time around.

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