Proper test installation?

Jason Pyeron jpyeron at
Fri Jan 16 00:58:25 UTC 2004

yes that would be a spectacular idea.

The one problem we have always encountered was a prospective user wants to 
look at a product but, it configuration has gone all phooey to quickly. There 
should be a "schedule a reset" option or "schedule an admin login time" 

It would be a extremely simple add on.

On Thu, 15 Jan 2004, Gervase Markham wrote:

> I had an idea while doing the docs:
> How about another Bugzilla installation on Landfill:
> It would run the tip, but differ from bugzilla-tip/ in one key respect: 
> there would be a clean database with a few sensible bugs in various 
> states, a few accounts, products and components with sensible-looking 
> default owners (but listed in "nomail"), a decent history of reporting 
> data - i.e. a typical "small Bugzilla" - which it would reset to every 
> weekend. So user accounts and bug changes would be removed.
> Additionally, unlike bugzilla-tip, it would have all features enabled.
> Then, we could reference this system in the documentation for demo and 
> example, without fear that it'll have changed beyond recognition, or a 
> documented feature won't be present.
> Is this worth having? Is it too much work? What do people think?
> Gerv
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