Docs status

Gervase Markham gerv at
Fri Jan 16 00:05:48 UTC 2004

Phew :-)

I've spanked them good and proper, in an effort to reduce verbiage and 
increase clarity and correctness. Most of what's there is in pretty good 
shape, with the exception of the gargantuan Install section, which I've 
done some work on but isn't finished. Please feel free to hack on it a 
bit more yourselves.

The other thing that's missing is documentation for new stuff, including 
but not limited to:

- Request Tracker
- Wildcard matching
- Time tracking
- Autolinkification page
- End-user documentation for the new reporting and charting
- Full text search
- Insiders
- JS-powered comment reply
- Alternative formats of various templates, e.g. CSV, JS, RDF
- requirelogin
- Various cool customisation features:
   - Term customisation
   - Hooks

I don't expect to get this for 2.17.7, but we need it for 2.18.


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