Multiple bug reports for a single problem

John P. Fisher john.fisher at
Thu Jan 15 19:20:07 UTC 2004

Apologies in advance if this was covered, and I just failed to find it....

Has there been discussion or solution of this issue?

We have several branches of code in CVS. Frequently an issue arises that 
needs to be fixed on multiple branches, but can't all be done at the same 
time, because of dependencies or contractual issues. (At present we use an 
old, modified ver of Bugzilla based on 2.13.) Our workaround is to file 
multiple bug reports with similar summaries.
While I think this workaround is theoretically adequate, though inelegant, 
it turns out it fails due to lack of discipline and enthusiasm. To put it 
differently, its a PITA so the developers don't do it. Further, it tends to 
fall between the duties of Test and Development.

Ideal solution:
Bug reports would have the concept of siblings - bugs not dependent yet 
similar. One would be able to say the same bug occurs in multiple versions 
( and in our system, track that its fixed in multiple versions). One bug 
report would be linked to many underlying bugs with differing status. They 
could show up either way on reports.



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