2.16.5/2.17.7 release prep

David Miller justdave at bugzilla.org
Thu Jan 15 09:37:10 UTC 2004

We're planning a developer's release (2.17.7) for Monday, December 19.
Anyone who has contributed anything new since 2.17.5 that hasn't yet been
documented, let's please get some documentation contributed. :)  (That's 4
days from now, for those that don't have their calendar handy).

For those of you that are now helping with the docs, this weekend would be
a REALLY good time to get some of the existing pending documentation bugs
cleaned up and checked in. :)

We also need to do a 2.16.5 release, which would be nice to do at the same
time, but won't necessarily happen if the bugs aren't checked in by then.
No security updates planned this time, but there are other bugs to fix.
You can look for bugs with 2.16.5 on the status whiteboard (any bugs, not
just open ones - status whiteboard also says whether it's fixed on the
branch or not, so having the status whiteboard in your column list will
help).  Please help if you can. :) (there aren't many - I count 5 not
counting docs)
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