Bugzilla setup problem - Redhat 8

David Miller justdave at bugzilla.org
Thu Feb 26 16:51:54 UTC 2004

On 2/26/2004 10:15 PM +0530, Pankaj Savdekar wrote:

> I'm facing one problem setting up Bugzilla on Redhat Linux 8. It says
> "DBD::mysql" is not present. But if I try to install it from CPAN it says
> it's up to date.

> Does anyone has some idea as what is going wrong? I'll really appreciate if
> you can give me some hint at least.

You have one of two things going on...

1) You have two copies of Perl installed in different locations, and the
one Bugzilla is using isn't the one that's in your PATH when you run CPAN.
Check the #! line at the top of checksetup.pl and make sure it's pointing
at the same place (or at somewhere that's eventually symlinked to the same


2) Permission problems (this is most likely on RedHat).  The default umask
on RedHat is such that many Perl modules installed via CPAN will install in
such a way that they're only accessible by root.  You can fix this by
running the following commands:

find /usr/lib/perl5 -perm -u+r -exec chmod go+r {} \;
find /usr/lib/perl5 -perm -u+x -exec chmod go+x {} \;

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