Adding a company and contact person field....

MKey at MKey at
Thu Feb 19 16:47:21 UTC 2004

Hi all,

I have been steadily slogging through adding in two additional fields into
bugzilla. Customer and Contact Name. The database end is working fine - it
works in the same way as the Product and Component section. I have also
made CGI's to add and delete both of these items via the web.
My problem is now getting this database code into the main Bugzilla code. I
think I have sussed the link between the CGI's and the Templates, but I am
having trouble getting the query.cgi page to display my Customers.
Does anyone have any info on what I need to add into the query.cgi page ? I
basically want it to look like the Product and Component section - where
you click on Product A and it only shows Components for Product A.
I have the template created with the space for the lists.....I just cant
fill them.

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