Laying QuickSearch to rest

Andreas Franke afranke at
Mon Feb 16 07:17:47 UTC 2004

Gerv wrote:
> So we move a fulltext search box to the front page, 
> and work on extending it with other QuickSearch-like 
> syntax. In the mean time, we leave QuickSearch where 
> it is until that's done. Sound good?

Is "leave QuickSearch where it is" supposed to mean
"do not touch its source code", or "leave it at the 
same place in the CVS tree"?

Overall, yes, for me that sounds good.  But you should
really ask Bradley and Jesse.  I guess that almost all
quicksearch users who can tell the difference between
fulltext search and quicksearch will find it acceptable
to use a bookmark to quicksearch.html instead of the 
front page. But this assumes that QuickSearch can still 
be discovered by those who are actively looking for it.
One way to do this would be to add a link to it somewhere
on the help page of the new frontpage textbox (assuming
that it will have a Help-link, too), or a link or new tab 
on the query.cgi page, or somewhere else if you have a 
better idea.  I have some doubts that removing all links 
to it immediately would be a good idea, since there are 
currently many features that aren't in the fulltext search 
box yet.

> We suck. [...] Again, we suck.

Ok, I see my fault now.  Please forgive me.  
Will try to be more careful with future milk.

I hope that bug 234464 will result in a specification of a
Google-inspired intuitive syntax.  Everybody please feel
free to add to/remove from its cc list; I intend to copy
the cc to the new sub-topics as I file them.


PS: Fulltext search rocks.  And the User friendly query 
pages with dynamic help text on mouseover are simply cool.
And it looks like this is just the tip of the iceberg... :-)

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