bug_email.pl and bugzilla_append_email.pl

Daniel Berlin dberlin at dberlin.org
Sat Feb 14 22:49:44 UTC 2004

On Feb 14, 2004, at 5:02 PM, David Miller wrote:

> On 2/14/2004 11:56 AM -0800, Albert Ting wrote:
>> Hi, are there any plans to fold these files into the production 
>> release?
>> If anything, it would seem they should at least be merged into a 
>> single
>> script and have the code cleaned up.
> Yes, there are.  Getting formal inbound email support is on my list 
> for the
> March/April time frame (starting to work on it - won't necessarily be 
> done
> by then).  It's about time to start discussing it here anyway. :)
> I'm not necessarily going to hang onto the existing syntax used by 
> those
> scripts, since the scope of what I'm hoping to do is a bit broader than
> what's available with those scripts currently.  So I'd be really 
> interested
> in hearing what kinds of things various people have added to it and 
> what
> type of emails you send to do it, and what people really want out of 
> it.

A simple appender that can handle attachments is necessary for a bug 
mailing list where you want followups to be recorded in the bug, 
regardless of any other functionality

It should probably a separate script (like it is now) so that it just 
looks for something in the subject, and if it finds it, appends it to 
the bug.

Nobody randomly pastes "bug <xxxx>" into spam subjects and sends them 
to gcc-bugzilla at gcc.gnu.org.  It just doesn't happen.

One functionality i had to incorporate so that the script was usable 
for a mailing list is to pass through who the email came from and use 
it as the Full name in the from.  Otherwise, you can't tell from 
looking at the email headers who changed a bug or added a comment 
(you'd have to look in the emeail).

> I'm kind of thinking of I'd like to get some of the functionality of 
> the
> email stuff in Debian's bug system (making changes to bugs via email, 
> etc).

There is a script that can handle that in the gcc repo, it's from some 
bugzilla bug as well.

gcc-bugzilla-query at gcc.gnu.org uses this script.
It works nicely. you can query and change bugs via email.

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