bug_email.pl and bugzilla_append_email.pl

Daniel Berlin dberlin at dberlin.org
Sat Feb 14 20:02:53 UTC 2004

On Feb 14, 2004, at 2:56 PM, Albert Ting wrote:

> Hi, are there any plans to fold these files into the production 
> release?
> If anything, it would seem they should at least be merged into a single
> script and have the code cleaned up.
> We've found email support to be really useful but have had to hack the
> scripts a fair amount to meet our needs.

We also massively hacked them for gcc.

> A key feature was adding @cc
> support and using the initialcclist (bug #38922).  We also used
> BugMail::Send to send updates to the reporter/owner/cc/etc.  Plus we 
> wanted
> to use a single account, and specify the product on the Subject line.

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