How to Perform Search on windows based Bugzilla..

Joel Peshkin bugreport at
Tue Feb 10 00:41:46 UTC 2004

Gazi wrote:

>I was wondering if some one has tried to perform a search opertaion (like search for all bug reports matching the specified summary Text etc..) on Bugzilla 2.16 through perl script programmitically. I would be pleased if any of you can send information or a piece of code to perform this kind of operation on a Windows machine.
>Thanks in advance.
>with rgds,
This belongs in the netscape.public.mozilla.webtools newsgroup. I am
copying it there.

You can do this using LWP or spawn wget (See the mozbot source for the module for an example) or using DBD::MySql to query the
tables directly. I'd suggest the LWP approach.

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