Re-generating data for Charts

Gervase Markham gerv at
Thu Feb 5 14:19:45 UTC 2004

Andreas Höfler wrote:

> Strange thing is: In the same installation everything works with another
> product as expected. I get charts about open and resolved bugs with
> changing counts over time.
> But with one (had no time to check all the other products) I just get
> a flat line of 0 bugs over the whole timeline, regardless what query
> ("All open", "resolved"...) I choose.

This needs to move to the webtools group, rather than the developers 
mailing list. CCing it.

Please check how many products this is a problem for, and see if you can 
work out what's special about that product. Then, open the 
$BUGZILLA_HOME/data/mining/ProductName file, and see if that data is 
also all zeroes, or if there's some data there. If there is data there, 
fire up mysql and see if there's any in the series_data table. (You need 
to work out the series_id for one of the serieses for that product; if 
you View Source on the chart creation page, you should be able to work 
it out.

Let me know what you find :-)


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