Bad groupset 8162774324608996 found in bug 12600

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Thank You.

We are using 2.12 version.  will the below mentioned solution will be applied in that situation or else what we need to do to fix that.


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On 2/4/2004 7:07 PM +0530, ajaya at wrote:

> HI Friends,
>  We had been using bugzilla for defect tracking from last one year and
>has lot of production data. Two days back we started facing problem
>   the problem is
>  once a issue is logged and than  we  try to go back on to that, it
says "
> Permission denied.
> Sorry; you do not have the permissions necessary to see bug 12600. "
>  while the user have permission on the project and    when I run
>check than it gives error
>  Bad groupset 8162774324608996 found in bug 12600  It is giving this
>error for all the new bugs/review defects.
>  This is urgent as production  server  is down. Please  suggest

This should be on mozilla-webtools at, not here on the
list.  CCing there for followups.

What version of Bugzilla are you using?  This is very important to know
when you ask questions like this.  Things can change from one version to
the next.

If it's less than 2.16.4, there are bugs dealing with groupsets that can
cause that error (usually triggered if you have more than 40 groups
defined). If that's the problem, upgrading in itself will not fix the
error, but will prevent it from happening again.  The damage will have
be cleaned up by hand.

Based on the symptoms I'm going to assume thats what happened, if you're
already using 2.16.4, then this won't apply and please post more details
help us figure out what's going on.   First thing to do is upgrade to
2.16.4, because it's just going to break again if you don't.  Once
done, you'll need to fix the group itself...  at line 297 in
(in version 2.16.4 - don't use an earlier version) is a table of the
bit numbers.  Due to math errors prior versions of Bugzilla had
values for some of the higher numbers in this table (which is what broke
things).  Keeping that table handy for reference...

SELECT bit FROM groups ORDER BY bit;

Compare the results of that command to that table and make sure all the
numbers match.  If any of them don't (probably the higher ones), change
them to match the closest value in that table from editgroups.cgi.

UPDATE groups SET bit = newvalue WHERE bit = oldvalue;

replacing newvalue and oldvalue with the broken and fixed values.

You will then need to do the same fix on each affected bug.  Bugs could
have more than one group bit set on them (they have all of the bit
added together).  The groupset number that sanitycheck is reporting in
error you quoted seems to indicate this is the case.  You'll need to
out which groups were supposed to be set, add those group bits together,
and update the groups on those bugs to the correct values.  It's also
possible that the groupset permissions given to specific users are
up the same way, so you'll need to doublecheck the groupset values of
your users as well.

If you need any additional help with it, feel free to follow up on
mozilla-webtools at and we'll try to help within reason. :)

-- Dave Miller      Project Leader, Bugzilla Bug Tracking System   
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