Cookie issues with Bugzilla

Jeroen Ruigrok/asmodai asmodai at
Sun Feb 1 14:07:21 UTC 2004


I was going nuts trying to find out what was causing my Bugzilla
database to generate Internal Errors.

Eventually I found out it was firebird 0.7 causing the issues.

I log in with an administrator account and with Opera 7.x I can do what
I want, go to editparams.cgi, etc etc, all without problems.

With Firebird 0.7 after I log in I get the search screen and when I
click on e.g. editparams.cgi it starts giving me internal server errors.

httpd output from the error file:

[Sun Feb  1 21:14:33 2004] [error] [client 2001:888:13aa::6] malformed header from script. Bad header=</pre>: /usr/local/www/bugzilla/editparams.cgi
[Sun Feb  1 21:14:33 2004] editparams.cgi: DBD::mysql::db selectrow_array failed: called with 4 bind variables when 3 are needed [for Statement "SELECT profiles.userid, profiles.disabledtext FROM logincookies, profiles WHERE logincookies.cookie=? AND logincookies.userid=profiles.userid AND   logincookies.userid=? AND (logincookies.ipaddr=?)"] at Bugzilla/Auth/ line 67
[Sun Feb  1 21:14:33 2004] editparams.cgi:	Bugzilla::Auth::Cookie::authenticate('Bugzilla::Auth::Cookie',1,11) called at Bugzilla/Auth/ line 93
[Sun Feb  1 21:14:33 2004] editparams.cgi:	Bugzilla::Auth::CGI::login('Bugzilla::Auth::CGI',2) called at line 74
[Sun Feb  1 21:14:33 2004] editparams.cgi:	Bugzilla::login('Bugzilla',2) called at line 228
[Sun Feb  1 21:14:33 2004] editparams.cgi:	main::confirm_login() called at /usr/local/www/bugzilla/editparams.cgi line 33

.phoenix/*/cookies.txt: FALSE   /       FALSE   2145916859      Bugzilla_login 1 FALSE   /       FALSE   2145916859	Bugzilla_logincookie 11

Same with elinks 0.9:

Bugzilla_logincookie    13 / 2145916800	0
Bugzilla_login	1	/ 2145916800	0

Known issue?

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