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Sean McAfee etzwane at
Thu Dec 23 22:51:55 UTC 2004

Hi, folks--

I've attached a tar file with some materials that give an introduction to my
implementation of custom fields.  These files are enclosed:


To create the schema, feed simplified-schema.sql to the mysql client.

duplicate-data.sql is a SQL script that creates twenty custom fields which
are duplicates of standard bug attributes.  It also copies the data from
those standard attributes into the new custom fields.  The fields have the
same names as the columns of the BUGS table, but with "cf_" prepended.
(For example, "op_sys" becomes "cf_op_sys".)

Bugzilla::CustomFields is a module that provides an interface to custom
fields.  It's strictly read-only; I've removed all the code from my
production version except that which implements the basic
get_custom_fields() function.

Bugzilla::Query is a module for searching for bugs.

Both modules are thoroughly documented with POD.  Use "perldoc" or your
favorite editor to read it.

If you have an interest in custom fields, kindly take some time to evaluate
these files and let me know your thoughts.  Thanks.

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