Parameter names - bug 155628

Gervase Markham gerv at
Fri Dec 17 23:31:49 UTC 2004

Shane H. W. Travis wrote:
>>Of course, you could make aliases...
> ... no, *you* could do that. I'm not offering to do that; I'm offering to
> clean up our code, make it more consistent, professional throughout so that
> it conforms to a single style, thus making it both more readable and
> maintainable. 

No, you aren't :-) If you were, you'd be changing the formatting of a 
load of code first, and then refactoring bits so that they worked 
exactly the same but were more consistent with other bits, single-styled 
and readable, and only then would you be considering any changes that 
broke anything for anyone. :-)

> I still think that this is a task worthy of the effort, or
> else I wouldn't be offering... but I will say that I'm (sadly) not surprised
> to see the first two responses are, "No, it's gotten us this far, don't
> bother trying to make it look good now."

That's a caricature of my position. But anyway, if we want to spend time 
trying to look good, I suggest this is not the best way to be spending it.

But I must confess I don't understand your objection to aliases. If the 
Bugzilla codebase and the documentation all switched over to the new 
names, and yet the Param() function continued to accept the old, doesn't 
that achieve all your aims, but with the added bonus of not breaking 
anything someone else has written?


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