v1.19.1 - initial state dropdown-box missing (despite patch from

David Miller justdave at bugzilla.org
Fri Dec 17 18:23:05 UTC 2004

Wolfram Löning wrote:

> I have installed Bugzilla 1.19.1 and on the enter-bug page, the dropdown-box 
> for the initial state is missing.
> Patch 3 from bug 273873 is not appliable directly, but the changes look 
> similar to the lines in the installed version, so where could the problem lie 
> instead? Or am I misreading something?

Have you enabled voting, and set the votestoconfirm for that product to 
at least 1?  The UNCONFIRMED state is not available for a product unless 
you require at least one vote to confirm bugs.  If the state is not 
available, then there is no choice but NEW, so it doesn't bother giving 
you a menu to pick one.

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