More on custom fields

Mark Davis mdavis at
Wed Dec 15 02:54:44 UTC 2004

Jake wrote:

> Just my $0.02 :)

I'll add mine, as well.

The lack of customfields is making it harder to justify sticking with 
BugZilla in our organization and open source project. We're using BZ 
internally and are considering what to open to the community. BZ is one 
of the options, but it's not the favored option at this point.

I'd gladly run benchmarks against our db if it would help. We've got 
4800 bug reports in there and we're running with the customfield patch 
against 2.17.6

The features that are heavily weighted in our eval are:
Custom Fields
Time Tracking
Configurable workflow (resolution process)
SCM integration
Release Note Generation
configurable required fields at various resolution stages

For whatever it's worth...

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