Once Upon a Time in Bugzilla Land (custom fields)

Stuart Donaldson stu at asyn.com
Tue Dec 14 02:46:34 UTC 2004

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I'm going to throw into this the favorite topic of many a Bugzilla 
user...  Custom fields.

Many people use Flags and/or Keywords as a workaround because they don't 
have Custom Fields.

They are used to create a way to categorize bugs, or mark them in 
different conditions.  Custom fields solves this problem in a much 
better way, if you can add an enumeration fields for example, you could 
add additional states to the flags.

Yes, Flags and Keywords are similar enough that it is worth looking at 
how to combine them.  But it would be far better to put that brain power 
into getting a custom fields solution and then make flags and keywords 
instances of custom fields.

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