Once Upon a Time in Bugzilla Land

Gervase Markham gerv at mozilla.org
Mon Dec 13 21:07:30 UTC 2004

Matty wrote:
> On Sun, 2004-12-12 at 22:25 +0000, Gervase Markham wrote:
>>So you want something that's both freeform (SW)
> I never said we should stop using the status whiteboard.  I said we
> should stop using it for _tags_.

Then surely that's a process documentation issue for an individual 
Bugzilla install, not a code issue?

>>restrained to a given set of values (keywords and flags)
> ... which is what this discussion is about.
>>and that is expandable because it doesn't require UI on the page
>>to use (keywords) and that requires UI on the page to use (flags)?
> The difference here is just a UI difference on show_bug.  Keywords/Flags
> could just have an option about where it appears.  There's no call for
> the database storage, searching functionality, etc to be different
> between the two.

So you would have a semi-freeform flags textbox for arbitrary flags from 
the list, plus a set of select widgets for the ones marked as 
specifically present?


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