Driving towards Bugzilla 3

Christopher Hicks chicks at chicks.net
Mon Dec 13 04:38:59 UTC 2004

On Mon, 13 Dec 2004, Matty wrote:
> On Sun, 2004-12-12 at 15:45 -0500, Christopher Hicks wrote:
>> That's what I was afraid of.  Renmaing can easily be dealt with using
>> redirects or place holder scripts.
> I was not eschewing this functionality, it is backward compatibility.
> What I was saying was, 3.0 might break backward compatibility, but it
> could not break backward compatibility for CGIs (ie we couldn't just
> remove placeholder scripts).

That's fine.  Placeholders that say "hay you're using a deprecated URL, 
here's redirect in 5 secs" in 3.0 would be fine with me.  In 3.1 the 
redirect could be after 30 secs and so on.  :)  My fear in you saying that 
you wanted to "maintain CGI compatibilty" was that moving to a different 
way of doing things (like Apache::ASP!) wouldn't be an option.


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