TT XS::Stash and UTF-8

David Miller justdave at
Mon Dec 13 01:12:07 UTC 2004

Gervase Markham wrote:

> At the London Perl Workshop's talk on UTF8 in Perl, I heard from a guy 
> who seemed to be a TT developer that the high speed XS::Stash doesn't 
> work if you have non-ASCII data as hash keys.

According to Andy Wardley (who is the lead TT developer) on the 
template-toolkit mailing list back in September, this got fixed in CVS 
back in July, in a version of TT2 that had not yet been released at the 
point he made that post in September.

The only announcement I've seen on the list since then is for an alpha 
version of TT3 which was just released yesterday.

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