Strategic features (was Slashdot article)

Tom Emerson tree at
Sun Dec 12 22:44:53 UTC 2004

>From the peanut gallery:

This is the nth time this kind of conversation has occurred over the
last four or five years I've been on this list. Every time it just
burns out and the status quo continues, which is fine by me.

There appear to be two major schools of thought here: one, lead by
Gerv, is that Bugzilla should be a bug tracking system only, and that
other functionality such as project planning/management and the like
are out of scope. The other is that Bugzilla needs more project
management functionality so that it can compete with the commercial

Given that this is open source software, perhaps those who think
Bugzilla should move into an expanded feature set should just fork the
next release and move it into the direction they think is right, and
let the community decide which one to use.


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