Driving towards Bugzilla 3

Christopher Hicks chicks at chicks.net
Sun Dec 12 20:12:21 UTC 2004

On Sat, 11 Dec 2004, Matty wrote:
> Custom fields was the most important feature of 3.0, and would be a
> requirement in my books, although it wouldn't have to dictate a switch,


> but it's probably likely custom fields will appear a bit at a time
> anyway so it's still a good question.

That assumes that its likely to appear.  :)

> The obvious thing to drop would be the checksetup schema massaging, 
> where we could say you need to upgrade 2.X->2.last->3.0->3.X or some 
> such as 3.X wouldn't need to worry about upgrading 2.X installations.

We need a better way of dealing with schema changs. checksetup is a tar 

> I would presume we would not want to ever break CGI compatibility, so 
> that's not an issue.

What do you mean by CGI compatibility?  Bugzilla working as a CGI?

> And APIs are broken as often as people eat breakfast nowadays, so that's 
> not an issue either.

There aren't many well-defined API's yet, so maybe 3.x could be a "hey, we 
have API's now" release too.

> So, how about we agree that 3.X is when we have the following features:

It all sounds good to me.

> - support for every database in existence

The performance impact may be unacceptable if we try this.

> - Klingon language packs

We're losing an entire market sector of space without this.  :)

> - electro shock therapy functionality for slack reviewers, with easy to
> use XHTML configuration interface, neatly integrated into the rest of
> the administration functionality

Oh yes.

> - auto update functionality by default so we're not bothered by pesky
> administrators submitting bugs reports in versions of Bugzilla from 10
> years ago

Smoother updating is something we've been talking about recently.

> - out of the box support for M68K, Amigas, Playstations and C64s

I'll be happy to test the PS2 port.

> - ability to expand our base of input by piggy backing the voting system 
> on existing national electoral and referendum systems

California Propositions 12034, 98456, and 1200345 will all equate to "do 
we still want to keep trying to convince Gerv that custom fields aren't an 
abomination".  Each will be in the top 10 most lopsided votes in 
California proposition history.

> - Trusted Computing support preventing administrators from making
> changes to code without first receiving a "Certificate of Apparent
> Competence" from the project leader (or blessed delegate).

We should integrate microprocessor-based DRM so that RIAA lawyers 
parachute in if there's any failure to comply with the competence 
licensign terms.

> - extend the whining system so it actively hunts down non-Bugzilla
> tracking systems and send their administrators reminder emails about how
> Bugzilla will make their penis longer

And save their marriage and make getting a green card easier.  "Nuke gay 
whales for Jesus!"  :)

> I think this is reasonable starting point for a set of hard requirements 
> for Bugzilla 3.0.  When this is complete we can discuss this again. OK?



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