Strategic features (was Slashdot article)

Vlad Dascalu vladd at
Sat Dec 11 23:46:07 UTC 2004

Hi Gerv,

> I don't think it's necessary a given that because "the competition" 
> has a feature, we need to have it.

That's elementary. The list includes my personal selection of features 
that I nominated as strategic. Doesn't mean that you have to agree with 
me or something like that.

> Also, "the competition" is a very nebulous concept. Do you mean 
> Scarab? Mantis? JIRA? RT? All of the above? I doubt they all have all 
> of the features you list.

JIRA mainly, since that seems to be number #2, on a tie with Mantis 

> For example, I certainly don't think we want the same feature set as 
> RT, which occupies a different niche in the ecosystem.

I don't think any of the features I mentioned places us in a different 
ecosystem compared to the current one. Most of those are valid features 
for an enterprise level bug tracking system.

> Gerv


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