Million Dollar Question: 218?

Dave Williss dwilliss at
Fri Dec 10 14:58:06 UTC 2004

David Miller Wrote:

> Vlad Dascalu wrote:
>>> I'd also like to see 2.18 out for more than a week before we release 
>>> 2.20 :).
>> That will certainly happen. :-)
> We've already stated more than once that 2.20rc1 will ship concurrently 
> with the 2.18 final release.  We were actually wrapped at the point of 
> being able to do 2.20rc1 when 2.19.1 came out, but we didn't call it that 
> because I thought it would be really confusing if 2.18 wasn't out yet.
Any more confusing than having 2.19.1 out while 2.18 still isn't?  What's
up with that?  When 2.18 is finally released will it be better than 2.19.1?

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