Million Dollar Question: 218?

Jake jake at
Fri Dec 10 04:29:44 UTC 2004

I just saw a comment on a bug that the 2.20 branch should be happening 
sometime in the next week or two. That immediately brought the following 
question to mind: Are we going really that close to release for 2.18? I 
certainly hope that we aren't actually going to be branching for 2.20 
before we ship 2.18. Personally, I don't even like being feature frozen 
already, but I digress.

 From my standpoint, a branch for 2.20 before 2.18 is released would not 
be a good idea. The docs team already has to maintain 3 separate 
branches of docs (granted, 2.16's updates are fairly minimal and the 
2.18 branch/tip are so similar that normally what works in one works in 
the other, but still :) ). Adding yet another branch to the mix before 
it's necessary would make the job that much harder.

What I'd really like to see happen probably won't. I'd like to see 2.19 
reopened to features (maybe not huge/major features) and kept that way 
until 2.16 support officially expires. This would probably entail a 
couple more development releases. I'd also like to see 2.18 out for more 
than a week before we release 2.20 :).

Just some rambling from an out-of-touch documenter ;).

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