[Analysis] Templates: The good, the bad, the ugly

Jake jake at bugzilla.org
Thu Dec 9 22:48:35 UTC 2004

>> I certainly would hope not... this message was not intended to be a
>> "let's
>> redo the templates" message at all. In fact, I said in my initial
>> message that "there won't be a next time for implimenting templates in
>> Bugzilla"
>> which should also apply to the concept of reimplimenting them.
> Are you saying that templates will never be re-done in BZ?

Never is a really final word. I can say that they won't be re-done w/out
giving a LOT of thought into it and it would require a huge weakness in
the current implimentation. Currently, there is no such known weakness.
I'm sure there will be changes to the templates (bugfixes, minor rewrites
[fe, if we find a better way to do the boolean tables], and such), but a
completel re-write is highly unlikely.

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