Status: Resolved Later

Kevin Benton kevin.benton at
Thu Dec 9 17:40:20 UTC 2004

> > A number of different pending statuses come to mind, but all of them
> > revolve around the developer waiting for action outside their control as
> > it relates directly to the bug in question.
> What about using keywords?  We do that for bugs where somebody needs to be
> contacted.  I have a "contact" query that I do in the morning and run down
> the list of the folks that need to be contacted.  I stick the number in
> the whiteboard so I can print it easily and carry it with me if I'm going
> on the road and I'm going to be sitting long enough to call people at some
> point in that processs.

That works fine if you aren't already using the whiteboard for something
else.  We use it for commitment.  The other problem I see with that is that
I need something that will go into the activity logs so I can report on
historic events later.

> >> Why does pending need to be its own status?
> >
> > See above.  For status tracking, having a status of pending helps
> developers
> > focus on what's hot at the moment.  It also helps managers look more
> closely
> > at how the manager's developers are utilizing their time.
> I think you could do the same think with keywords without having to modify
> bugzilla to make it work.

While I might agree with that, again, keywords can change and then the
information is lost.  By putting it into the activity log, it won't get
overwritten later.


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