Bugzilla 2.19.1 search-advanced.html.tmpl JS Error

Kevin Benton kevin.benton at amd.com
Tue Dec 7 17:05:27 UTC 2004

Sorry all - my fault - should have looked at the custom directory first.
The function isn't defined in the custom form.html.tmpl.  :-(



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Subject: Bugzilla 2.19.1 search-advanced.html.tmpl JS Error


I'm running into JavaScript errors when attempting to load
search-advanced.html.tmpl in Internet Exploder 6.0.  It seems that IE
doesn't like the call to doOnSelectProduct because it hasn't been defined
yet.  Is anyone else running into this problem?  I'm wondering if it make
sense to create a .js file for all the JavaScript then putting .


<SCRIPT SRC="global/ecmascript.js" LANGUAGE="JAVASCRIPT"


. in the header.  This way, all the JavaScript could properly be pre-loaded
before any calls to routines in the body tags such as doOnSelectProduct(0).


Kevin Benton

Perl/Bugzilla Developer

Advanced Micro Devices



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