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David Miller justdave at
Mon Dec 6 21:24:15 UTC 2004

Christopher Hicks wrote:
> On Mon, 6 Dec 2004, Axel Thimm wrote:
>> I also have a (yet non-public) bugzilla rpm (currently at 2.18rc3), 
>> but I'm quite unhappy about its post installation scripts (it creates 
>> a default bugzilla instance).
> That's similar to my plan, but I want each instance to be installed from 
> rpm by changing the prefix each time.  This way (as I understand it) it 
> would allow each install to be upgraded when the repository upgraded. 
> We're doing a few bugzilla hosts now for various folks and I'd be a lot 
> more active at keeping everybody up to date if I could do it with yum.

We need to get the rest of the configurable file locations stuff in to 
help this out.  We already have the data and template directories 
configurable via variables in Bugzilla/  We need to find a way 
to make the library path (i.e. location of and the Bugzilla 
(capital B) directory) and the path to the static content (css, js, etc) 
configurable there as well.  This would make RPMs and Debs and whatnot 
be able to get all the files in the right places and working with only 
having to patch Bugzilla/ (and perhaps the use lib lines at the 
tops of the perl scripts in the case of the library path)

We also need to fix the apache config suggestions to put everything 
needed for Bugzilla inside the Bugzilla <Directory> block so it doesn't 
interfere with anything else on the server.  We could also supply a 
bugzilla.conf file to be placed in the conf.d directory on the newer 

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