Clearing out old history on a bugzilla project

Lee Ivy lee at
Thu Dec 2 22:46:37 UTC 2004

Shane Travis pointed out to me that my questions were better suited to 
mozilla-webtools, in fact he offered to answer them if and only if I 
re-posted them -- I did so and he posted a very informative answer. I am 
new to the bugzilla community, I really appreciate the time you, Shane, 
and others take to thoughtfully respond to all the queries you receive.

One suggestion, if you posted a link to *mozilla-webtools* on the 
** page or other such places, it 
might help folks find this useful group and keep the developers group 
focused on its primary charter.


David Miller wrote:

> Lee Ivy wrote:
>> We have two questions:
> I was going to point out that these questions were a better fit for 
> the mozilla-webtools list, but I see you already found your way there. 
> Hopefully you'll get some good answers there.

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